Cholesterol Testing

It is important to control your cholesterol level to avoid heart and circulation problems.

Statistics show that two thirds of people living in the UK have high levels of cholesterol. Cholesterol is a fatty substance which is found in your blood. Cholesterol is made in the body, and is crucial for how every cell in our body works, however too much cholesterol can have a detrimental affect on how well your heart and circulations works. Having high cholesterol ultiamtely can cause blood vessels to become blocked, increasing your change of having a heart attack or stroke.

There are different types of cholesterol. The most common cause of having a high cholesterol level is having a diet containing high amounts of saturated fats. If your family has a history of high cholesterol, this can also make you more susceptible.

To find out your cholesterol level, and if you are at risk of developing a cardiovascular disease, come in-store and ask to speak to the pharmacist. 

This service is a great way to get peace-of-mind, as well as receive advice on ways you can lower your risk.